Secure De-Fi Crypto Wallet by Keyavi

Digital Asset De-FiWallet App

Secure De-Fi Wallet By Keyavi


Keyavi has innovated the first patented technology wherecrypto keys, wallets and forensic data is its own resilientfortress – securing them from theft, unauthorized access,and baking in pending governance, regulatory andcompliance (AML, KYC) requirements to restore trust inDigital Assets ecosystem

Secure De-Fi Wallet By Keyavi


With the need to secure crypto keys, wallets and exchangesat a premium, a data-centric security strategy is neededto improve the security and control (baking in governance,regulatory and forensic capability) of data itself rather thansolely relying on the security of networks, endpoints orapplications.
Secure De-Fi Wallet By Keyavi


We are establishing a partner ecosystem with best-in-breed industry leaders in:
• Wallets
• Exchanges
• Forensic analysis labs
• Exchanges for gaming platforms

With Keyavi as your security backbone, partners can focus on driving theirbusiness, and avoid diverting resources and attention to the same failedapproaches.


iOS and Android


12 Weeks

Secure De-Fi Wallet By Keyavi


Our patented technology infuses protection directly into your data—adding layers of policy-based protection that fortify each file, allowing data owners to share files through any method, with the confidence of knowing underlying protection is embedded, across all file copies, wherever that data travels, in perpetuity.

Secure De-Fi Wallet By Keyavi

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