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We offer Web 3.0 solutions that drive growth and performance for your customers.

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with an enhanced and effortless technology.

We build solutions that redefine the fintech ecosystem of the future.

Web 3.0


We create researched blockchain strategies to help you secure your data, support cryptocurrency use cases, and smart contracts.

Web 3.0

Edge Computing

Moving some functions like storage, processing, and analysis away from the cloud and closer to where data is generated can offer several key benefits

Web 3.0

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Machine Learning is all about discovering latent relationships within data. These relationships can then be used to gain actionable insights for any business. 

Web 3.0

Transforming the
decentralized ecosystem

Blockchain is a trusted ledger where all transaction within the organization are integrated together without any tampering of the sensitive and valuable data. An organization depends on multiple third party companies and vendors where the business transaction becomes a crucial aspect. With a guided and researched blockchain strategy it becomes easy to share this data and make transactions.

With the unique hash number of an individual block it becomes impossible to make changes and hack the data present in the blocks. As not only the block data but individual copies of these blockchains are shared with all the members. For instance, in banking system blockchain has made the necessary upgrades as per the new technology requirements where the traditional banking services had their shortcomings and disadvantages. Fintech (Financial technology) integrating with banking services provides us with all the required banking facilities regularly but with improved and secured technology.

We are a team of industry experts who are well versed with the ongoing business and blockchain needs along with advanced technology. With critical thinking and analysis we develop a fintech solutions for better business and seamless customer experience.


of our clients are actively building solutions on Blockchain/Crypto.


of our clients have been funded or acquired while working with us.

Simplify and Secure it with Jamii Finance

We at Stackera use logical, technical and well researched method to bring
out the best solution for your business.
Web 3.0


As blockchain takes away the power of a single entity to be the head of an ecosystem for a business. It becomes decentralized and the access of such information is distributed to all within the ecosystem.

Web 3.0


Blockchain creates trust between various business entities. With a strategic apply of blockchain you can share their information and perform transactions without third parties.

Web 3.0

Algorithmic Trading

Build your own trading strategies using our platform or connect with us for a strategic plan. With enhanced trading bots, we provide you with solutions that are secure and scalable. Our bots has benefited our customers in predicting both cryptocurrency and foreign exchange symbols

Web 3.0

Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts make sure there is trust between various business entities. We have built and deployed Smart Contracts on Public blockchain like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, and private blockchains like Hyperledger.

A Crypto Trading Strategy that works for you

Well Researched Solutions with Expert Advice

We are a team of experts in the industry to solve the biggest problems in the Decentralized market.
We build solutions that work for you.

Web 3.0

Completely Adaptable

Web, Mobile, Desktop we build fintech solutions to scale to any device you need. Real-time access to your data and trades is our priority no matter the interface.

Web 3.0

Extremely Flexible

We build and customize the Fintech solutions as per your requirements and scope. We bring you live information for a secure trading and future planning .

Web 3.0

Strong Security

We never compromise with security of your data and transactions. We always prioritize to secure the user data and keep it well encrypted.

Critical Thinking, Expert Consulting

We don’t just develop your platform but also provide strategic and advisory services to help you reinvent and build business value by visualizing from the perspective of the end customer.

Web 3.0

Discover how we can solve tomorrow's problems

Web 3.0

Build easy with Jamii

Let’s become partners in your journey to invest and grow in cryptocurrency. We provide you with a safe and secure platform that helps you trade easily. With our advanced technology, we provide various options that simplify the complicated process for you. With the decentralized Blockchain technology, Stackera helps you to stabilize your investments in the world of cryptocurrency. We have some great industry experts which can help you develop the best-decentralized solutions for your business. Stackera helps to develop a powerful financial infrastructure.

Web 3.0

Ready to launch your
next platform?

We have already launched 25 of platforms in the fintech space. Having the expertise and intent we can help you launch your platform through the target consumer orbit in no time.

Web 3.0

Solutions that drive growth and performance for your customers.


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